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Associate Producer

We are looking for Associate Producers (at all levels) to work as part of our development team to make AAA games in Unreal Engine by working closely with producers, discipline leads and cross-functional teams to prioritize initiatives, break down the work to be done into discrete tasks, and regularly follow up with individual developers to ensure tasks are being completed on time.   



  • Running the production floor according to the guidelines set by the Senior Producer.

  • Teaming up with IT and administration to ensure that all members of the development team have the resources needed to succeed and meet milestones.

  • Managing and ensuring professionalism, performance and communication throughout the team.

  • Staying abreast of issues on the floor and elevating information appropriately to the Senior Producer.

  • Taking update plans and trackers and tracking of tasks.

  • Attending production meetings and providing departmental updates.

  • Maintaining regular and constant dialogue with the team to stay abreast of their concerns, challenges etc.



  • You will excel at planning and execution, be able to work under pressure and achieve results under tight deadlines.

  • Outstanding time management and organizational skills with the flexibility to adjust to shifting schedules and requirements.

  • Experience with the Microsoft Office suite of applications.

  • A team-centric approach.

If you feel like we offer each other what we need, and you are passionate to join us on our brand new ventures, be sure to send us your portfolio and reach out!

We look forward to working with you.

The LFG team.

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