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Build & Deployment

We are looking for a Build & Deployment Engineer to work as part of our development team making AAA games in Unreal Engine by the continuing support of cross-platform infrastructure systems, continuous integration/continuous delivery build systems, patching systems, asset dependency and packaging systems, multiple branched environments, and source control integration.  


  • Responsible for maintaining, optimizing, and improving infrastructure processes.

  • Designs and develops additional tools to improve development workflow.

  • Assists the build team in optimizing and improving build systems.

  • Participates in code reviews and an agile development process.

  • Accurately estimates their schedules and delivers high-quality work products to that schedule.



  • Expert knowledge of version control systems and branching concepts (Git/Perforce).

  • Expertise in CI/CD pipelines and game development workflows.

  • Experience with Team City or Jenkins.

  • Strong interpersonal skills and problem-solving ability.



  • Competent knowledge of C++.

  • Knowledge of rapid internal tool development with web services and similar familiarity with automated testing systems, game patching systems, and server deployment.

  • Familiarity with Cloud Infrastructure.

If you feel like we offer each other what we need, and you are passionate to join us on our brand new ventures, be sure to send us your portfolio and reach out!

We look forward to working with you.

The LFG team.

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