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Perks & Benefits

Working for Studio Red entitles you to a whole host of perks and benefits, including:

Equipment allowance

Gym/Sports membership

Activity games room

Casual work environment

Office and remote work

Employee referral bonus

25 days paid time off, not including the Dutch public holidays

No mandatory fun days or forced company events

Personal learning & development budget

Tea, coffee, and healthy snacks

Birthday gifts

Healthy work life balance

Being able to suggest benefits for us to look at

Expat Support

For our international staff we ensure a smooth transition to coming to The Netherlands with extra support that includes:

A tax-free relocation allowance

Support with finding a house to rent in Breda

Support with registering as a resident in Breda

Support with acquiring a social security number

Support with acquiring a DigiD number

Support with health insurance

Support with setting up a bank account

Guide on how to reach Breda from either Eindhoven, Brussel or Schiphol airport

Welcome guide to the Dutch culture, driving/riding rules and holidays

30% tax-free ruling application support*

*as an expatriate you may qualify for The Netherlands government tax-free ruling where employers may provide 30% of your gross salary tax free


Q: What do we like to see from our job applicants?

A: Firstly this varies depending on the job role, but for game developers we want to see a portfolio of games you have worked on with clear information on the role and contributions made. Having a healthy motivation for making games, as well as being a decent person who communicates professionally is important. For any application make sure you address the points in the job description honestly.

Q: I am waiting for a reply to my job application. How long should I wait?

A: We aim to respond to all applications within 10 working days. Be aware that holidays may impact this. That said, if it is more than 3 weeks you can always send a polite email reminder.

Q: Can I visit the studio or join a studio tour?

A: Given the confidential nature of the games being developed we do not allow visits or tours. The exception to this is if you are in a final round onsite interview and an NDA is in place.

Q: Do we accept game ideas or concepts?

A: No, we do not accept ideas or concepts. If you have a great game idea or concept then we encourage you to go for it, create, and publish!

Q: Do we support internships?

A: Yes, we do. There are a limited number of places so please make it clear in your application the role you would like, portfolio of created games along with the role you played in making the game, as well as a reference from someone you have worked with. When internships are available you will see openings in the job listing with internship in the title.

Q: Do we support research?

A: Yes, we do. That said, however, we do need to ensure we have the free time and the right staff that will help your research be successful. We also need to ensure that there is an overlap in the area you want to research and our area of expertise. We prefer to work with Master level project based game studies. Please see the open application Student Researcher to apply.

Q: Can I work remotely?

A: We do have a flexible work policy, and some roles may have fully remote options available but this is the exception. Most of the team work at the studio, with some members working from home on certain days of the week.

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