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Network Programmer

We are looking for Network Programmers (at all levels) to work as part of our development team making AAA games in Unreal Engine by tackling the game’s networking and communication.  


You must be able to work closely with individuals in the other development disciplines to create a smooth network experience for a rewarding player experience.  



  • Architect and implement features in C/C++, that is CPU, GPU and memory efficient, with an eye to a quality end-user experience.

  • Develop, extend and debug AI, tools, physics, animation, rendering, UI and gameplay code while respecting platform and design constraints, with a focus on your area of expertise.

  • Collaborate well with programmers and other disciplines involved in the day to day work.

  • Review code that was written by other programmers across the studio and collaborate with them to improve code quality.

  • If required, debug, modify, extend or use the tools pipeline as necessary.

  • Construct solutions for unforeseen design problems in a timely manner.

  • Proactively provides suggestions on how to utilize new technologies and tools and implement them into our workflow.



  • Demonstrate and apply strong problem-solving and debugging skills in C++.

  • Write clean, professional, well commented and maintainable code.

  • Show good knowledge of mathematics for 3d game development.

  • Understand a large set of the many components that makes up a modern video game and show capabilities of independently taking on tasks.

  • Experience with networked gameplay and object replication.



  • Broad understanding of interactions between different gameplay systems.

If you feel like we offer each other what we need, and you are passionate to join us on our brand new ventures, be sure to send us your portfolio and reach out!

We look forward to working with you.

The LFG team.

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