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Outsourcing Producer

We are looking for Outsourcing Producers (at all levels) to work as part of our development team making AAA games in Unreal Engine by managing work from various Outsource teams while providing discrete tasks and documentation for external teams to follow.  

They will also coordinate with internal Producers to prepare assignments, then refine, export, and troubleshoot asset deliveries from external teams.


You must be able to work closely with individuals in and outside the other development disciplines to achieve the highest possible quality product.



  • Establish roadmaps for game experiences, aligning with the broader goals of production.

  • Use insights to create feature goals to focus ideation and spur creativity across the outsourcing team.

  • Partner with production, art, design, and engineering outsourcing managers to improve quality, communication and coordination.

  • Partner with the development directors to manage the project schedule, milestones and sprint deliverables.

  • Partner with art, UX, engineering, QA, and design teams to ensure the quality and timeliness of all deliverables are met.

  • Engage with other partner teams including publishing, marketing, finance, legal, consumer insights, and game analytics.

  • You will be the bridge between the outsource team and project managers, overseeing what experiences we build, why we build them, and managing the delivery of them to our players.


  • A love for working with a diverse group of people to accomplish something great as a team.

  • A passion for pioneering, and encouraging others to consider different perspectives.

  • A master of influence, helping others understand and become driven about their work.

  • An accomplished mediator and resolver of conflicts.

  • Experienced in using data and insights to inform planning.

If you feel like we offer each other what we need, and you are passionate to join us on our brand new ventures, be sure to send us your portfolio and reach out!

We look forward to working with you.

The LFG team.

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