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UI/UX Designer

We are looking for UI/UX Designers (at all levels) to work as part of our development team making AAA games in Unreal Engine by taking wireframes to polished user interfaces while maintaining adherence to the design and visual direction.


You must be able to work closely with individuals in the other development disciplines to create highly polished user flow designs while maintaining adherence to our design for a rewarding player experience.


  • Design & create static and animated user interfaces for video games.

  • Produce UI’s and menus that are intuitive, easy to navigate, convey information to maximize the end-user experience.

  • Create conceptual wireframes, user flow diagrams, and high-fidelity prototypes to solidify design direction and plans.

  • Flexible with the adoption of art styles and direction, able to take critique constructively.

  • Be self-directed; work independently and collaboratively with team members to solve challenges.

  • Communicate and collaborate with all members of the team to create a friendly and efficient work environment.

  • Identify priorities and gaps in current designs, and contribute/iterate creative solutions.

  • Be diligent and ensure the quality of work in a fast-paced, team-based highly iterative development environment.



  • Unreal experience is highly preferred.

  • Able to conceptualize, present and execute ideas within a tight schedule.

  • Extensive knowledge of 2D image applications (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, After Effects) required knowledge of 3D applications.

  • Experience implementing wireframes and user flows in-engine.

  • Experience in designing localized SKUs.

  • Strong verbal, and written communication skills.

  • Extensive knowledge of UI in games across multiple genres on all platforms.

  • Strong interpersonal skills, able to interact with team members of different disciplines.

  • Willingness to respond to and adapt to feedback.

  • Good positive attitude and outlook.

If you feel like we offer each other what we need, and you are passionate to join us on our brand new ventures, be sure to send us your portfolio and reach out!

We look forward to working with you.

The LFG team.

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